M17 Dollar Set-Ups

Dollar has become one of the heaviest used formations in Madden 17, however most people don’t know how to do much from the formation. They rely on switching up coverageĀ and hope to confuse their opponent. In these breakdowns, we will show how to get EASY pressure, change your coverages, and A Flipped Scheme that will cause you turnovers and lock down mesh concepts.

Dollar Regular Set-Ups

Base Play 3 Man Corner Blitzes from Either Side (Passive Coverage Based Pressure, but Very Effective)


  1. Base Align Press
  2. Pinch Line (Crash Line Out for COVER 4 ONLY)
  3. Quick Blitz Either Outside Corner
  4. Replace Him with Slot DB as Shown
  5. Spy/Coverage Opposite DE As Shown

Edge BlitzĀ 3 and Edge Blitz 1

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Pinch Line and Crash Out
  3. Move Blitzing Slot out a Few Steps as Shown
  4. Coverage Blitzing LB and Left of Screen DE
  5. User LB as Shown

Str Eagle Slant 3

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Pinch Line and Crash Out
  3. Bluff Blitz DT and and Coverage LE (Right of Screen)
  4. *DT Is optional to coverage
  5. User Non Blitzing LB as Shown

Dual Pressure (Spread Line Look)

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Spread Line and Crash Out
  3. Blitz Slots and Move out a Few Steps
  4. User either LB

*For Coverage Adjustments and Coverage Defense Strategy, Refer to Video!!!



Dollar Flipped Confusion Defense

The Main thing you will notice about this defense is that the Slot DB’s immediately Swap Sides, Most Would See this as a Problem, But actually Can Be very useful in certain situations!! There really isn’t specific set-ups for this so I decided the best way to explain is threw video only!!!



  1. which play is the first play?

    • Any base play, usually cover 2, i showed in the video bro

  2. These still working post patch?


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