M17 Defensive Firestorm Depth Chart Suggestions

In My opinion the two best teams to use in Regs in this game at this point are easily Seattle and Arizona. Because of this being a defensive guide I decided to use the Seahawks for my depth chart breakdown. One thing you need to remember this year is you don’t want to put LB’s in at Defensive End in MOST CASES as it can really mess with your blitz set-ups.


LE: Bennett, Clark, Jefferson

RE: Avril, Clark, Jefferson

DT: Rubin, McDaniel, Reed

LOLB: Morgan, Pierre-Lewis, Tripp

MLB: Wagner, Coyle, Pierre-Lewis

ROLB: Wright, Pierre-Lewis, Tripp

CB: Sherman, Lane, Shead, Thorpe

FS: Thomas, Terrell, Shead

SS: Chancellor, Shead, Terrell

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