M17 Defensive Philosophy

Blitzing vs Coverage Defense


What some people are still having a hard time with in Madden 17 is adjusting to the change in philosophy! In past years we were able to literally able to blitz every single down and just adjust coverage behind the pressure, however with the introduction of Nano Detection, and improvement in awareness of running backs when it comes to pass blocking. Also more people have actually decided to start learning slide protection this year (which is a good thing). Recognizing what your opponent is doing is extremely important. Each opponent is different, and don’t get me wrong, when i say coverage defense that doesn’t mean we can’t get some pressure while dropping into coverage. We have set-ups that only send 2 or 3 guys and still gets pressure unless they block extra players, and in that case you have 8 people in coverage vs 4 receivers, ill take that every time!


Shading in Madden 17 (How it effects Man and Zone)


Shading in Madden 17 can be very effective. While I am in zone coverage probably 90 percent of the game, it can help in both man and zone coverage, let’s go over both!!!

Zone Shading

Shading zones Over Top and Underneath are what you need to know and how it changes your coverages. Shading inside and outside does not really affect how zone coverage plays at all! The main zones affected by shading are the different types of flat zones. Shading down will put every type of flat zone into a hard flat, shading over the top changes hard flats to cloud flats (Best flat zone in the game in my opinion).

Man Shading

Shading in man coverage can be effective when it comes to slowing down corners and inside routes that you know are coming. So if you expect an out breaking route that your opponent likes to go to from a certain formation, and you are in man, you want to shade outside. If your opponent has a tendency to run a crossing route or any in breaking route from a specific formation or situation, and you are in man you want to shade inside.


Blitzing Playaction

There are 2 ways to go about this! As you know if no adjustment is made your free rusher will go after the running back instead of trying to get to the QB. One way to do this is obviously to Pass Commit, the other way to get your rusher to ignore the Play-Action fake is to Call contain. Obviously Calling contain is only good with outside pressures!!!


Player Ratings (What Matters)

The biggest things you want to look for in the players you plan to blitz are Speed, Hit Power and PURSUIT!!! Generally if i am sending a Slot DB on a blitz I will switch out my slot corner with the SS on the play. Pursuit is important because he hits home a whole lot faster then a regular corner who doesn’t have great pursuit ratings.


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