M17 Defensive Philosophy

Defense has changed drastically in Madden 17! You can no longer just run your favorite blitz every single play of the game. With that being said, you can’t just run a bunch of stock plays over and over and expect success!

Nano Detection is one of the new features to Madden, and while I may not agree completely with the concept of it, I do understand why it was put in place. What nano detection does is when you send a d-lineman untouched through the A or B gap, the defender will stop in his tracks for about 2 seconds, rendering him basically useless when it comes to rushing the quarterback. So now we have to send different types of pressure, but that is not a big deal. In all reality when you get into high level competitive play those types of blitzes are not going to be what you want to lean on to win. You want to be able to send pressure from all over. And in this guide I was able to accomplish that. We still have gap pressure, just not from the defensive line, and we have nasty outside heat that screams at the quarterback.

The other HUGE change to Madden 17, and in my opinion the most important one, is how zones play. We have hard flats, cloud flats, seam flats, etc. We have plays like cover 3 carry that will match your players going downfield. Man coverage has been toned down a good bit as well! I think it is important that everyone do the skills trainer this year so that they can actually see for themselves what has changed as far as zones are concerned..