M17 Indy 34 Predator

34 Predator is once again a great formation in madden. It is not quite as dominant as the version we released last year, but it still provides amazing heat!!!

Left A Gap/Outside (Base Plays)

Plays to Use

  1. Tampa 2
  2. Cover 3 Sky
  3. Cover 2 Sink Plus
  4. Cover 4
  5. Cover 2 Hard Flat
  6. Cover 6 Will
  7. Cover 3 Cloud Show 2
  8. Cover 3 Match


  1. Base Align
  2. Pinch Line and Crash Out
  3. Spread LB’s
  4. Blitz Left of Screen MLB
  5. Call Contain
  6. User Right MLB



Will Fire 3 Seam

  1. Base Align
  2. Spread LB’s
  3. Shift Line Left and Crash Left
  4. Call Contain
  5. User Right of Screen MLB


Mike Scrape 3 Press

  1. Base Align
  2. Spread LB’s
  3. Pinch Line and Crash Out
  4. Call Contain
  5. User Left of Screen MLB

Mike Scrape 3 Press Set-Up 2

  1. Base Align
  2. Spread LB’s
  3. Crash Line Right
  4. Bluff Blitz RE and ROLB (Left of Screen)
  5. User Left of Screen MLB Behind RE as Shown


SS Scrape 3

  1. Base Align
  2. Crash Line Right
  3. Bluff Blitz RE (Left of Screen)
  4. User Left MLB


  1. All of your blitzes are without blocking the runningback. Haven’tseen dual edge yet.

  2. what setup do u like best for the base plays standard setup or using the bluff blitz for the RDE N ROLB

    • I usually send it standard b/c it is much harder to block

  3. Is there a update to this since the patch

    • I have been labbing for one yes, however, I’m testing in live game vs ppl now that a few of my lab partners have been eliminated and have time to really test. Alot of this stuff still works after that last patch, they just made some adjustments to slide protection that makes it easier to pick up pressure from closer in.


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