M17 Indy Nickel 245

Nickel 245 is not exactly the best blitzing formation in Madden 17, however, it does provide you with a variety of coverages and some decent B Gap pressure to mix in. 245 can be extremely effective if ran correctly, especially from a coverage perspective!

Coverage Plays

  1. Cover 2 Buster
  2. Cover 3 Buzz Match
  3. Cover 3 Mable
  4. Cover 2 Carry
  5. Cover 9 Show 2
  6. Cover 2 Man

All of these plays can be run stock and can generate outside pressure if needed!!

Outside Pressure Set-Up

Can be run regular or flipped!!!!


  1. Base Align
  2. Shift Line Left and Crash Down
  3. Blitz Slot DB and Move him in a Few Steps
  4. Bluff Blitz LOLB (Right of Screen)
  5. User Right of Screen MLB

Video Below includes Base Plays, Coverage D, Nickel Blitz 2, and Overload 3 Setups!!!

Buck Slant 3

  1. Base Align
  2. Shift Line Left and Crash Crash Left
  3. Bluff Blitz the Blitzing MLB
  4. User Right of Screen MLB



  1. can you show run defense set up for this formation

  2. How do u blitz from right side?

    • Only way to do it would be to bring a safety down and blitz him


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