Gun Bunch TE is one of the Best Formations in the game once again. While the concepts used may be different from what you seen go viral last year, it is still an amazing formation. It is extremely effective against all types of zone coverages as well as man!!! It also pairs great with Split Close and Gun Bunch!!

HB Off Tackle

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Draw

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Slip Screen

  1. Slide Protect Right
  2. Snap the Ball

TE Corner

  1. Drag/In Route TE
  2. Motion Inside Bunch WR Across Formation
  3. Snap Before He reaches Sideline

TE Corner Set-Up 2

  1. Slant/Fade Outside Left WR
  2. Motion Him Left and Snap As He Turns Forward

TE Corner Set-Up 3

  1. Streak TE and Inside Bunch WR
  2. Snap the Ball

Inside Switch

  1. Streak Middle Bunch WR
  2. Place Inside Bunch WR on an In

PA All Cross

  1. Slant TE
  2. Drag/Fade Far Left WR
  3. Motion Him Across the Formation
  4. Snap Right as He Sets


  1. Drag or slant Inside Bunch WR
  2. Streak Middle Bunch WR
  3. Motion Outside WR a few steps Toward Sideline and Snap
  4. Block or Delay Route HB

Mesh Pt 2

  1. Fade Inside Bunch WR
  2. Flat Middle Bunch WR
  3. Motion Inside Bunch WR to sideline
  4. Snap when He is turning to set