Gun Bunch is always a staple of Madden. Year in and Year out we can always depend on it to be a formation that we can be successful with. This year is no different! Gun Bunch is lethal if ran correctly. Pair that with Bunch TE and Split Close, and your opponent won’t know what to do!!!!

HB Base

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Counter

  1. Snap the Ball

Z Spot

  1. Slant the Outside Right WR
  2. Snap the Ball

Z Spot Set-Up 2

  1. Fade Outside Right WR
  2. Motion Him toward Sideline
  3. Snap Right as He Sets

Z Spot Set-Up 3

  1. Drag TE
  2. Slant Far Right WR
  3. Motion Far Right WR toward Sideline
  4. Snap as he Sets

Corner Strike

  1. Streak Middle Bunch WR
  2. Motion Outside Right WR a Few Steps Out and Snap

518 Hook

  1. Streak Middle Bunch WR
  2. Drag/In Route the TE *Optional

Deep Corner

  1. Run As Is
  2. *Block HB or Delay him if You like