SPLIT CLOSE IS BACK AGAIN GUYS!!! Once again Split Close is one of the most powerful formations in Madden 17. While some things have changed as to how we run this formation, it is still one of the best in the game. It is extremely difficult to defend everything that we can do with Split Close!!!

Power 0

  1. Snap the Ball


HB Slip Screen

  1. Slide Protect Right
  2. Snap the Ball
  3. *You can Motion a Receiver to Throw off the User

HB Wheel

  1. Slant Outside Right WR
  2. Block HB or Motion Right and Drag Him

HB Wheel Set-up 2

  1. Fade Outside Right WR
  2. Block or Delay HB *Optional
  3. Motion Fade To Sideline and Snap as he Sets

HB Wheel Set-up 3

  1. Slant Far Right WR
  2. Block HB
  3. Motion TE to Left *Optional to put him on a Drag

WR Corner

  1. Delay or Option Route the HB *Optional
  2. Motion Far Right WR a few Steps out and Snap

PA F Slide

  1. Streak Left WR
  2. Snap the Ball
  3. *You can Delay the HB if You don’t Want the PA