This week we take a look at Madden 17 Run Defense and how to shut down the Power G, which is probably the most popular run in the game right now. We Also look at a blitz from 52 and A Nice Money Play on Offense!!

*Guys I lost my voice I have an upper resperatory infection, im on meds… i figured i should at least give you the write-ups now, vids will go up minute i get my voice back, im sorry about this..

52 Breakdowns

*Videos After Each Section

Run Defense/Stopping Power G

Any Play can be used but I like Fire Zone 2

  1. Base Align Press
  2. Spread Line and Shift LB’s to Strong Side
  3. Crash Line Down
  4. User Weak Side Safety
  5. Coverage Left of Center DT and DE *Optional

52 Normal is hands down the best run defense in the game this year for plays like Power G and Power 0 and as for inside runs you can just shift the line right instead of spreading this will still lock power g down!! It is super easy to use and you can defend the run with as little as 3 rushers!!! I ALSO SHOWED ALTERNATE SETUPS AND ALTERNATE FORMATIONS TO STOP THIS!!!!

Madden 17 How to Stop Power G

Trio Sky Zone

  1. Base Align
  2. Spread Line and Shift LB’s Right
  3. Crash Line Left
  4. Coverage Left of Center DE and DT
  5. User LB Over LG as Shown

This is one of the best blitzes to use against trips and trio sets in the entire game in my opinion. You can generate fast heat with as little as 3 rushers off the edge. To make it 3 instead of 4 rushers just spy the NT and coverage the Left of Center lineman, i usually go hook from the DT and Either a Purple or man Up the DE.

Madden 17 Nano Blitz

Best Gun Run in Madden NFL 17

Buck Sweep from Gun Y-Trips/Y-Trips TE Slot

  1. Snap The Ball
  2. Slide Protect right if you Like

In my opinion this is easily the best Shotgun run in the game this year. Buck Sweep gives you two pulling guards to get behind, and can be found in the Panthers and Texans Playbooks. The panthers Playbook provides you with an Extra TE Lined up in the slot and is a better overall playbook!

Madden 17 Buck Sweep