This week we take a look at the Gun Ace Twins Offset Formation!!! In Madden 17, Gun Ace Twins Offset is once again one of the best formations in the game. Right now this is probably my most run formation in money games, and really just in general! This 25 minute breakdown of Gun Ace Twins Offset contains only four Plays, but can literally beat any coverage and be run all game if you wanted!! This formation can be found in many playbooks like, Cincy, Philly, Minn, Arizona, etc. Alot of these plays are also in the regular gun Ace Twins formation which gives you even more options as far as playbooks go!

Play Set-Ups and Breakdowns

*Video At Bottom of Page!!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap The Ball

Inside Zone is much better after the patches and tuning this year in Madden. At the beginning of the year it was downright awful but now is a viable run to mix into your scheme. In the regular version of Ace Twins you can also add HB Base and Counter to the run game from books like Carolina!

Madden 17 Gun Ace Twins Offset Inside Zone

X Spot

  1. Slant Slot WR
  2. Delay HB or place on Wheel (Optional)

X Spot Destroys every Zone in the game, and is especially effective vs over-aggressive users! In the video I show some alternate set-ups to beat man and zone as well so be sure to tune into the entire video!!!!

Madden 17 Gun Ace Twins Offset X Spot


  1. Streak Slot
  2. Max Protect
  3. Put Both TE’s on Crossing Route combination

Gun Ace Twins Offset Posts is always one of the best plays in Madden, Year in and Year out! This year it is no different, this play absolutely destroys every zone coverage and can toast man as well.. There are alternate set-ups for this play as well in the video that can result in one play touchdowns and deep bombs as well as adjustments for 2 man under!

Madden 17 Gun Ace Twins Offset Posts

Levels Sail

  1. Snap The Ball

Levels sail is an easy quick snap play that can beat all zones with the flooding that is contained in this play as well as man with a few minor tweaks shown in the video!!!

Madden 17 Gun Ace Twins Offset Levels Sail