This week we take a look at a mini-scheme from the Nickel 245 Formation, which can be found in Almost Every 34 Based Defensive Playbook in Madden 17! This formation extremely under-utilized, and mostly because players do not realize how good it really can be!

Play Set-Ups and Breakdowns

*Video At Bottom of Page!!

Nickel Blitz 2 Base Setup

  1. Base Align, Press
  2. Pinch Line
  3. Call Contain
  4. Hot Blitz LOLB (Right of Screen)
  5. Shift LB’s Right (Once Set)
  6. User LB that is Not in A Gap As Shown

This version of Nickel Blitz 2 May be the best you will see in the game because of the personnel and the Ability to not only blitz with 3-5 rushers, but to utilize cross man while blitzing or play Coverage comfortably!!! *Be Sure to see Video For additional Setups!

Madden 17 Nickel 245 Nickel Blitz 2

Buck Slant 3

  1. Base Align, Press
  2. Pinch Line and Crash Out
  3. Man Up blitzing LB
  4. Shift LB’s Right
  5. Coverage LOLB (Right of Screen)
  6. User LB in a Hook Zone as Shown

We All Know Buck Slant 3 is great to get Pressure from, but in this take not only can we get incredible heat, we can also Create great Coverage Schemes from a cover 3 Shell or blitz sending 3 and utilizing cross man. *Be Sure to Watch Video For more setups

Madden 17 Nickel 245 Buck slant 3

Coverage Plays

  1. Silver Shoot Pinch
  2. Tampa 2
  3. Cover 3 Sky
  4. Cover 4
  5. Cover 3 Cloud

245 Can be a great defense to run coverage from and all the plays listed above are great to use. Make Sure to see video for adjustments made to these defenses!!

Nickel 245 Coverage D