This week we take a look at a mini-scheme from the Gun Trey Open Formation From the KC Chiefs Playbook in Madden 17! This formation absolutely shreds zone coverage to pieces, and also can easily pick man defense apart!!!! This formation can be absolutely Lethal!!!

Play Set-Ups and Breakdowns

*Video At Bottom of Page!!

HB Base

  1. Slide Protect Right
  2. Snap The Ball
HB Base is a much improved run this year, If you notice your opponent running alot of man coverage, this play will shred it. It is also very good against spread defenses like Dollar!!
Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open HB Base

WR Screen

  1. Slide Right
  2. Snap The Ball
  3. Throw As Soon as QB Turns
WR Screen Destroys the blitz this year! It works in general very well against MOST zone coverages, the key is throwing at the right time and following your Blockers!!
Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open WR Screen

Fk WR Screen

  1. Slant Or In Route The Far Right WR
  2. Place HB on Delay or Wheel


This Play is downright DIRTY against almost any zone coverage if you make the correct read!!


  1. Slant/In
  2. Wheel
  3. WR Angle
  4. Fade
Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open Fk WR Screen

PA KC Cross

  1. Put Far Right WR on Fade or In-Route
  2. Block HB or Put on Delay *Optional
  3. Snap the Ball

This is a play that will torch both man and Zone Coverages!!!


  1. Left Drag/Inside Right Crossing Route
  2. In Route
  3. Deep Cross
  4. HB if On Route
Madden 17 KC Chiefs Gun Trey Open PA KC Cross