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It’s that time of year again and anticipation for Madden 18 is at an extremely high level!!! In Madden 18 Defense has changed a great deal. The offense has been given tools to better pick up nano pressure, with features like “ID the Mike” and Better HB awareness in the blitz Pick-up! When it comes to Madden 18 defense, your entire approach has to change. This guide covers all the new strategies needed to succeed in shutting your opponents down! You will be far ahead of the competition when it comes to Madden 18 Defense from the very beginning by using the strategies deployed in this eBook!

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  • Full HD Video AND Written Breakdowns
  • Dedicated Home Page Just for This Guide with each Formation Having its Own Area!
  • Beginner and Advanced Set-ups have Been Separated to Help in Learning the Concepts!
  • Match Personnel to Put You in an Advantageous Position To Stop Your Opponent!
  • Breakdown of All the New Defensive Hot Routes!
  • Run Defense That Will BLOW UP the Running Back!
  • Confuse the User and Create Turnovers With Newly Designed Blitz Concepts!
  • Learn When to Blitz vs When to Play Coverage!
  • Gap and Outside Heat To Completely Confuse the Opposition!
  • Learn How to Utilize All the New Mechanics!
  • Quick Updates to Counter Popular Offensive Trends!
  • Works in All Game Modes, Against all Levels of Play!!


  • 34 Odd
  • 34 Over
  • 44 Split
  • Nickel 245 Even
  • Nickel 245 Double A Gap
  • Nickel 335 Wide
  • Dime 236
  • Dime 146

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Only $27.99 $19.99



Because of our unmatched attention to detail, rest assured that every little detail of every formation is thoroughly tested and serves a real purpose! Our eBooks are not just labbed in practice mode, but in play-now and head to head games against tournament level opposition! Everything we release is tried and tested!


Relli has been playing Madden for over 20 years and is a former LIVE Tournament Competitor! To this day, Relli still plays in many online tournaments and money games! Madden Universe was created in 2011, and has been consistently putting out material that has gone viral throughout the community!


We understand that all members are equally important! Therefore, it is a high priority to answer all support related inquiries as fast as possible. Whether it be through Twitter, E-Mail, or Contact Support, we get back to you A.S.A.P. and every guide page has an area to ask scheme related questions.

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Only $27.99 $19.99


  1. Sir or Ma’am, Im coming back to Madden after a 2 year hiatus. Im currently looking for a new Madden community to join so I can stay ahead of the competition with competitive offensive and defensive strategies along with the latest trends in the community. Furthermore Im looking for professional customer service support if I have questions. Do you provide what Im looking for? Thanks!

    • Hello, Derron! I actually just responded to your email!

      • Got it! It looks like I’m in. Appreciate your professionalism

  2. I like to play defense the way Alabama does, I use a similar scheme to. Any good coverage plays to use when I want to bring the blitz?


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