Defensive Game Planning

*Our Most Extensive Defensive eBook to Date… It’s Not Even Close!

In Madden 18, We have seen MULTIPLE PATCHES, and this past one was possibly the biggest change I’ve ever seen to how we get pressure! But Relli cracked that code! Also, after talking to several site members, and taking their feedback, I have decided to launch our newest defensive eBook in an all-new format! You will still get all the plays and setups you would normally get from Madden Universe, BUT NOW you will also have specific breakdowns for popular formations like; Bunch, Tight Slots, Deuce Close, etc. This is a whole new level of depth, and the game-plan chapter of the guide will grow based on feedback from you guys and what you are struggling to defend! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!! THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!!

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What Does This Guide Offer?

Madden 18 Defensive Game Planning is our Most In-Depth Guide to Date!!

True Course Organization

This Madden 18 eBook is built in the form of an actual online course. This eBook’s dedicated homepage serves as a table of contents, and separated into chapters, creating the optimal learning experience.

Post Patch Set-Ups

Every set-up in this eBook has been tested and/or created after the most recent patch! If another patch were to come down, we will adjust these set-ups accordingly, in a timely manner!

Streamlined HD Video

Based on feedback from site members, the videos in this guide have been streamlined to best fit your needs. Each play set-up has it’s own video, edited down to lower the length, and FULL HD!

What Will I Learn?

  • Over 60 Different Breakdowns
  • 3-6 Man Blitzes
  • Gap and Outside Heat
  • How to Adjust Coverage Behind Your Blitzes
  • Lock-Down Run Defense – Blow Up HB Wham in the Backfield
  • Confuse the User and Create Turnovers Resulting in MORE WINS
  • Counter Popular Offenses, Such As; Bunch, Tight Slots, Deuce Close.

What Formations are Covered?

*Based on the Indianapolis Colts Defensive Playbook (34 Base)

  • 34 Even
  • 34 Over
  • 34 Odd
  • Dollar 326
  • Dime 146
  • Dime 236

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Only $29.99 $24.99

Our Best Work to Date!

Madden Universe has been in existence since 2011, and I have to admit, this is far and away the best layout we have ever put together!

What People Are Saying

If you are you looking to improve your game and tired of seeing the same formations over and over, then this guide is for you. This is the most in depth guide in madden 18. Before coming to Madden Universe, I was a member of another popular eBook site, which I will leave anonymous. They only offered one or two plays per formation, that’s not a playbook. I was mesmerized by the Organization of formations and plays, everything is in its place easy to find. After learning by watching and reading the in depth video tutorials on how to set up each play, my game improved 10 fold! I went from going 1-5 and raging in the weekend league, to 21-4 (with the same team). It has more than change my game, it changed my thought process on how to recognize formations, what adjustments to make, and always knowing how to counter my opponent. No other guide in Madden 18 offers these counters and adjustments to popular formations and tactics. After switching to Madden Universe, I have to say I will be a member for life, and as a Madden fan, I’ve always spent some $ on packs so this guide was a steal to me at the price of only $25!


Man! great guide.. I like the format so much. It really develops rather than cheat the game. The mini-guides out there are a waste of time and money because they give no understanding of their philosophies. As you know football is chess not checkers – there is more to this game and sport than just money plays. So thanks again for spending the time to share your insight and skills. I pre-ordered the game planning guide and I am here to stay to continue support.

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