Gun Ace Slot Offset

Gun Ace Slot Offset has been one of my favorite formations over the past few years. This pairs perfectly with our Wing Stack Formations and has a better passing game from it, while still giving you the ability to run the ball effectively!!!!!!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap the Ball

01 Trap

  1. Snap the Ball

X SpotĀ 

  1. Slant Slot
  2. Out Route the HB

X Spot Setup 2

  1. Place Outside WR on a Smoke Screen
  2. Out Route the HB


  1. Snap the Ball


  1. Out Route the HB
  2. Smoke Screen the Outside WR

PA Verts Shot

  1. Drag the TE
  2. Fade Outside WR
  3. Block HB or put on an Out

Slip Screen

  1. Snap the Ball


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