Gun Bunch HB Str

This is one of the most unique and easy to run formations in the game. While we only use a few plays from it, we have several setups from each, all of which being extremely effective. And the Inside Zone run audible is a great compliment to the explosive passing game!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap the ball

*You can use any motions we use for other plays to disguise the run for yourself!!!

Y Trail Setup 1

  1. Out Route the HB

Y Trail Setup 2

  1. Streak the Far Right WR
  2. Out Route the HB
  3. Motion Far Right WR Across

Y Trail Setup 3

  1. Far Right WR on a flat
  2. Motion HB Left
  3. Place HB on a streak or a drag

Z Spot

  1. Slant/In Far Right WR
  2. Motion Far Right WR a Few Steps out and Snap

Z Spot Setup 2

  1. Out Route the HB
  2. Streak Far Right WR
  3. Drag TE

Bench Pivot

  1. Fade Far Left WR if Pressed, If off coverage Smoke screen or Smart routed Out Route
  2. In Route or Curl HB


  1. Whip TE
  2. Streak Slot

PA Bunch Shot

  1. Block HB *Optional
  2. Fade Far Left WR if Pressed


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