Gun Split Close

Gun Split Close is always a top formation in Madden. The Arizona playbook has probably the best version of it in the game because, in addition to all of the great passing concepts we all know and love, we also have the FB Dive play that is left out of many playbooks!

FB Inside

  1. Snap the Ball

Power 0

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Slip Screen

  1. Snap the Ball

Close HB Wheel

  1. Place Outside Right WR on a Flat
  2. In Route the TE

Close HB Wheel Setup 2

  1. Slant/Out Route Outside Right WR
  2. Out Route the TE
  3. Motion Outside Right WR a Few Steps towards Sideline
  4. Snap While Still in Motion

Close HB Wheel Setup 3

  1. Place Outside Right WR on a Flat
  2. Out Route the HB
  3. Motion TE to the Left
  4. Place TE on an In Route

Close FB Trail

  1. Slant or Streak Slot WR
  2. Motion HB Left
  3. Drag HB

Close FB Trail Setup 2

  1. Slant the Slot
  2. Motion HB Right
  3. Whip Route the HB

PA F Slide

  1. Snap the Ball

WR Corner

  1. Out Route the HB



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