Gun Wing Stack

This is one of the most unique and easy to run formations in the game. Gun Wing Stack was just added to the game this year, and it is very effective, both in the run and pass game. And when you pair it with other 2 TE sets like Gun Ace Slot Offset and Singleback Wing Stack, it can be unstoppable!!!!

Inside Zone

  1. Snap The Ball

Power 0

  1. Snap the Ball

Double Corner

  1. Streak inside TE
  2. Out the HB

Double Corner Setup 2

  1. Streak inside TE
  2. Out HB
  3. Motion Outside TE Across Formation

Double Cross

  1. Block or Wheel the HB

PA Curl Post

  1. Drag the Slot Stack Receiver
  2. Leave PA/Block/or Put HB on an In Route


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