SB Wing Stack

This formation is the same look as our Gun Wing Stack formation, just from undercenter. You can audible up and down between the two very quickly as well as to Ace Slot Offset. This formation is missing the stretch play or it would be even more difficult to stop. But with Belly Weak and HB dive combined with the passing game, we should be fine!!!

HB Belly Wk

  1. Snap the Ball

HB Dive

  1. Snap the Ball

Curl Post Drag

  1. Drag/Slant the Stack WR that is on the Curl

Double Corner

  1. Streak In Line TE

Flanker Spot

  1. Place Outside Stack WR on an Out
  2. Place HB on An Out to the Right

PA Fork

  1. In or Whip Route the Offset TE


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