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It’s that time of year again and anticipation for Madden 18 is at an extremely high level!!! In Madden 18 Offense is completely different with several new formations added to the game. There are no “One Size Fits All” type plays this year. Passing concepts and formation versatility are key. You need to be able to make reads quickly and in progression. The guide will be live on the official launch day of the game, August 25th (Just in case there is a Day 1 Patch). This guide is called OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION for a reason! You will be able to put up big numbers on opponents, and will be far ahead of the competition right from the beginning!

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  • A Complete Madden 18 Offense
  • Full HD Video AND Written Breakdowns
  • Destroy Both Man and Zone Coverages!
  • Breakdown of the New “ID the Mike” Feature
  • An Explosive Running Game!
  • Money Plays in the Passing Game
  • Red Zone Strategies to Get the Ball in the End Zone!
  • Target Passing Tutorial!
  • Quick Updates to Counter Popular Defensive Trends!
  • Works in All Game Modes, Against all Levels of Play!
  • Dedicated Home Page Just for This Guide with each Formation Having its Own Area!
  • Several Personnel Groupings to Put You in an Advantageous Position To Stop Your Opponent!


  • Gun Bunch HB Str
  • Gun Split Close
  • Gun Tight
  • Gun Trey
  • Gun Wing Stack
  • Gun Ace Slot Offset
  • SB Wing Stack
  • Gun Y Off Trio Wk
  • Gun Y Trips Wk
  • Gun Empty Bunch Wide
  • SB Wing Tight Z
  • SB Wing Tight
  • SB Wing Pair

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Only $27.99 $19.99



Because of our unmatched attention to detail, rest assured that every little detail of every formation is thoroughly tested and serves a real purpose! Our eBooks are not just labbed in practice mode, but in play-now and head to head games against tournament level opposition! Everything we release is tried and tested!


Relli has been playing Madden for over 20 years and is a former LIVE Tournament Competitor! To this day, Relli still plays in many online tournaments and money games! Madden Universe was created in 2011, and has been consistently putting out material that has gone viral throughout the community!


We understand that all members are equally important! Therefore, it is a high priority to answer all support related inquiries as fast as possible. Whether it be through Twitter, E-Mail, or Contact Support, we get back to you A.S.A.P. and every guide page has an area to ask scheme related questions.

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Only $27.99 $19.99


  1. What playbook is this ari?

  2. is this offensive ebook still relevant after the latest patch?

    • Yes and it is being updated. I’ve been away due to the storm but ill be updating it this week, but the main formations/concepts are still relevant, your reads just have to be better you can’t just wing it into a defenders area lol

      • Ok thanks, i’ll be purchasing it Friday. I am a really really bad offensive player and have always been which is why i always quit madden, lol. This year i am determined to try an understand this game so im gonna study this ebook hard. Hope you and your fam is safe from the hurricane.


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