In this Madden 19 tip, Relli goes over an easy Madden 19 blitz scheme to pair with our 43 Odd Formation eBook, and the preview tips from 43 odd given in the film room previously!

The 43 Odd formation gives us a huge personnel advantage that allows us to sub in safeties at the 2 MLB spots. This allows you to audible from 43 Odd Flipped, straight into 43 Normal/Stack and 43 Under. Today we are going to take a quick 2 play mini-scheme from 43 under which will look similar to our 43 odd but the alignment is slightly different and just offers even more options for coverage/blitzing. Let’s take a look at some outside heat and dual pressure as well!

Sam Blitz 2 Flipped (Outside Left)

  1. Base Align
  2. Crash Line Right
  3. User One of the Non Blitzing LB’s Over RT

Sam Blitz 2 Flipped (Dual Pressure)

  1. Base Align
  2. Crash Line Down
  3. Hot Blitz LOLB (Right of Screen)
  4. User MLB Between Center and RG as Shown



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