In this Madden 19 Tip, Relli takes a look at an easy blitz setup from Nickel Normal. This blitz works vs blocked HB’s as well. Be Sure to watch the whole video as additional adjustments are shown including coverage adjustments and how to do from any play!  If you do not have access to this content get access today with either a Film Room subscription or the All-Madden Premium Membership!

Nickel Normal: Nickel Blitz 2 (Or any Play as Shown at the end of the Video)

  1. Base Align and Pinch D Line
  2. Crash Line Out
  3. Shift LB’s Right and Hot Blitz LOLB (Right of Screen)
  4. Contain and Make Sure Both Blitzers are in Close enough to be in the Contains as shown
  5. User MLB over the Center as Shown