M19 Offensive Explosion Ch 7: Singleback Y Trips

In this section, we take a quick look at Singleback Y trips. This formation has better versions in other books, but it does have a couple plays worth looking at from the Pats book to mix in.

HB Stretch

  1. Flip play to Short Side Of Field
  2. Snap the Ball

HB Dive Wk

  1. Snap the Ball

WR Post

  1. Streak Outside Left WR
  2. Drag Far Right WR
  3. Motion Outside Right WR across and snap as he passes LT

PA Boot RT

  1. Block HB
  2. Drag the Slot Receiver


  1. Max Protect *Optional
  2. Streak Outside Left WR
  3. Place Outside Right WR on an In or a Drag


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