In this Madden 20 tip, Relli goes over one of the best passing plays in Madden 20 and how to beat Zone, Man, and Counter the Meta send 7 Blitzes!

The play that we are going to be looking at is Z Spot Smash from Gun Tight Doubles On. This play can only be found in the Detroit Lions Offensive Playbook, however several books that contain Gun Tight have this same route combo but you lose the ability to max protect without motioning over a receiver or TE.


Gun Tight Dbls On РZ Spot Smash 

Setup (Zone)

  1. Streak Far Left WR
  2. Drag TE

Setup (Blitz Beater)

  1. Streak Far Left WR
  2. Drag Outside Right WR
  3. Delay Fade TE
  4. Block HB

Setup (Man Beater)

  1. Slant outside Right WR
  2. Motion Him out and Snap in Motion



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