In this Madden 21 Tip, we take a look at an easy to setup blitz scheme from the 335 Odd formation

This blitz is extremely easy to setup and can give us pressure from one side or dual edge!

335 Odd Sam Mike Press (Auto-Flip ON)

  1. Press
  2. Shift LB’s toward blitzer
  3. Shift Dline Opposite
  4. Crash Line Down
  5. User MLB and blitz him down as shown
  6. Blitz Nickel Corner for dual pressure as shown



    1. Solid blitz. Do you ever base align and run this against other formations like trey, trips, spread etc.?

      • Yes at times. But just be careful if you press to make sure the outside corner isn’t misaligned to the inside or you’ll get bombed. I have been working on the next defense the past few weeks. Probably biggest project i’ve ever taken on. But we’ve had 2 big patches in 2 weeks so its slowed me a little. I do like that nickel triple alot vs those formations as well


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