In this Madden 21 Tip, we take a look at an easy to setup D-Line B-Gap Blitz out of the 34 even formation! This is the first Madden 21 tip of the year! And we are coming in HOT!

This blitz is mostly meant for defending compression sets! For the most part you are not going to want to run this against trips or spread, however, if you do, make sure to base align and to pinch your line and lbs separately as you do not want to base align press and get burnt over the top. Also, blocking changes when a player is in a trips set and flips the formation. This blitz wont be as successful in that scenario. Madden 21 has a lot of nuances we are not used to seeing!

Also, we will be running the SS at LB package, so pay attention to the changes made in the depth chart and the formation changes!

34 Even Cross Fire 3

  1.  Base Align (If Needed)
  2.  Pinch Defense (R1/RB and Down on Left Stick)
  3.  Crash D-Line Down (Left on D Pad Down on Right Stick)
  4.  Contain (Press RB/R1 Twice)
  5.  User Safety in Hook Zone as Shown



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      • Appreciate it! Alot more coming to the film room once this offense finishes uploading!


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