Madden 21 Official Reveal Trailer Released!

EA has officially launched an official Madden 21 Trailer!

So today is the day. Madden 21 season has officially begun with EA Sports releasing the official trailer for Madden 21, but what did we actually learn from it? To put it simply, not much! However, do we really expect to learn a whole lot from a video game trailer at this point? I generally don’t, but I am disappointed to see that there was no deep dive this morning into gameplay.

While a trailer is cool to see, it doesn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know. I personally did not expect any huge jump in graphics this year, and as expected X-Factor abilities are back, hopefully in a more balanced way! This trailer exhibited only ONE pass which is very disappointing given the META of Madden 20. We did, however, see some of the new animations like ball carrier moves, players reaching for the pylon, and d-line moves. Hopefully we will see alot more in the gameplay breakdown with developer Clint Oldenburg on June 25th!


Check out the full Madden 21 Trailer below!



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