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It’s that time of year again and hype for Madden 23 is at an extremely high level!!! I have not seen the community this excited for a Madden release in a very long time. This may be due to the lack of “fun” in the last few years games, which I will say, is not an issue in Madden 23. Offense and Defense are both DRASTICALLY different this year in terms of how the game plays. On offense people have been struggling to beat the Cover 0 Loop Meta.. Not with this guide!!! 


superior learning

This Madden 23 eBook is built in the form of an actual online course. This eBook’s dedicated homepage serves as a table of contents, and separated into chapters, and streamlined, creating the optimal learning experience. Feedback from users have dictated small changes!

POST-patch updates

This Madden 23 eBook will be updated as patches are released, to ensure that you can continue to use your playbook. Last year we seen an unprecedented amount of patches. But even if gameplay does not change much you WILL get updates!


Based on feedback from site members, the videos in this guide have been streamlined to best fit your needs. Each play set-up has it’s own video, edited down to lower the length, and every video is FULL HD! ALL GUIDES ARE MOBILE FRIENDLY!!



  • A Complete Madden 23 Offense
  • Full HD Video AND Written Breakdowns
  • Block all the Meta Blitzes (Yes even Loops)
  • High Powered Passing Game
  • Destroy both Man and Zone
  • One Play TDs vs the Cover 0 Meta and Zone!
  • Solid Run Game to keep the Defense Honest
  • Breakdown of new Offensive Features
  • Works in All Game Modes, Against all Levels of Play!
  • A Superior Learning Environment!


3 WR Scheme

  • Gun Empty Chief
  • Gun Bunch TE
  • Gun Bunch Str

2 TE Scheme

  • Gun Deuce Close
  • Gun Wing Flex Wk
  • SB Deuce Close
  • SB Wing Flex
  • Pistol Wing Flex Close

how we are different?

Madden Universe has earned a reputation over the past 11 years as one of the most reliable resources for all of your Madden needs. In Madden 23, we are pushing the bar to new heights!

5 years ago we introduced a brand new layout that makes navigating through an eBook easier than ever before. As shown in the video to the left, you will see that our eBooks were set-up with a table of contents and individual video for each set-up from each formation. This year, we have tweaked this set-up EVEN MORE to make the content more digestible, and made it even easier to navigate through!

Madden Universe does not only focus on catering to the top 2% in the world. No matter your skill level, you can gain from our guides. While we do explain the META and how to counter it, we have always been extremely original and one of the most copied sites out! Whether you are trying to compete at a tournament level, compete at a higher level in MUT or H2h, or even in a CFM our Madden 23 eBooks will help you achieve your goals!

WE CARE!! I am not saying nobody else cares, but only speaking for Madden Universe, we care that you get the most out of everything you purchase. We will occasionally check in via email to see if you are having trouble with anything! Also it is easy to contact us, and we get back ASAP!


“Before coming to Madden Universe, I was a member of another popular eBook site, which I will leave anonymous. They only offered one or two plays per formation, that’s not a playbook. I was mesmerized by the Organization of formations and plays, Relli provides, everything is in its place easy to find. After learning by watching and reading the in-depth tutorials on how to set up each play, my game improved 10 fold! I went from going 1-5 and raging in the weekend league, to 21-4 (with the same team). It has more than changed my game, it changed my thought process on how to recognize formations, what adjustments to make, and always knowing how to counter my opponent. No other eBook site in Madden offers these counters and adjustments to popular formations and tactics. After switching to Madden Universe, I have to say I will be a member for life, and as a Madden fan, I’ve always spent some $ on packs so this guide was a steal to me at the price!


“I like the format so much. It really develops rather than cheat the game. Most of the guides out there are a one hundred percent waste of time and money because they give no understanding of their philosophies. As you know football is chess not checkers – there is more to this game and sport than just money plays. So thanks again for spending the time to share your insight and skills. When you changed the guide layouts last year with the Defensive Game Planning eBook, you changed the game!! I am here to stay and I will continue to support.”

Email from Customer


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