Madden NFL 16 Defensive Firestorm v4 E-Guide!!

What’s going on Madden Universe! I am BEYOND EXCITED to introduce you to our second defensive guide of the year, Defensive Firestorm v4!! As you all know, the Defensive Firestorm series is a trademark of Madden Universe, and year in and year out contains nothing but FIRE!!!! This year is no different! This guide has been in development since before the game launched, and was supposed to launch September 1st, but, with a patch looming I decided to wait until post patch to release it, just in case!

This guide will blow your mind as it contains so many A and B gap nano’s, you will never run out of pressure! Also, we are already working on updates to the formations contained in the guide that will just add to the craziness already present!!! This guide has been tested against tournament level players in game on all-madden, and has performed amazingly!!!

What formations does this guide cover?

  • 43 Under Odd (Updated Post Patch)
  • 43 Over (Updated Post Patch)
  • 43 Under
  • 43 Over Plus (Working Post Patch)
  • 43 Stack
  • Nickle Double A Gap (Updated Post Patch)
  • Dime (Working Post Patch)
  • Quarters
  • With more on the way within the next week!!!

What can I expect in this guide?

  • 3-5 man DT A Gap Nanos
  • 3-5 Man DE B-Gap Nanos
  • 4 Man Outside Pressure
  • Dual Outside Pressure
  • DT A Gaps that work vs Undercenter
  • Play Action Blitzes
  • Coverage Defenses
  • Lock Down Run Defense (YES EVEN TOSSES)
  • Access to our premium forums
  • Updates throughout the year!!!