Madden NFL 16 Offensive Explosion Available Now!!


What’s going on Madden Universe! I am so pumped for another exciting year with the newest installment of the Madden franchise, Madden NFL 16! At Madden Universe we have consistently set trends for what will be run throughout the year and this year will be no different!!! With even more content then you are used to, the cycle for Madden NFL 16 promises to be the biggest year ever for Madden Universe, so don’t miss out. Our first offensive guide of the year is called Offensive Explosion and trust me the only person who can stop you is YOU!!!!

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What Does This Guide Include?

  • Amazing Run Game 
  • Zone Beaters
  • Man Beaters
  • Money Plays and Routes
  • New Catching System (How to Use it)
  • Access to Our Premium Forums
  • Updates Throughout the Year as We Find New Concepts for this Guide!!

What Formations are Covered?

  • Browns Split Close
  • Gun Tight Doubles On
  • Gun Trey Open Offset
  • Gun Empty Brown
  • Gun Bunch Offset
  • Gun Trips TE
  • Strong Close
  • I Form Pro
  • And More to Come