Lamar Jackson: Road to Being the Madden 21 Cover Athlete
Madden 21 Cover Deluxe


Lamar Jackson had one of the most electrifying season’s I have personally ever seen. The only other player who I have watched that even rivals the dynamic of Lamar was Mike Vick! Last year Lamar Jackson won the NFL MVP by a unanimous vote, not bad for a running back, huh? 

Lamar has proven to be an electrifying quarterback in the NFL, pulling off video-game like moves in game, literally making defenders look foolish. 

I am excited for him to be the “face” of Madden 21, and I really like the cover art concepts that EA Has produced. To the left you see the cover art for the Madden 21 Deluxe Edition, and there are 2 more renders for the “standard” and “MVP” editions as well.

Be sure to watch the video below of Lamar’s journey to becoming the Madden 21 cover athlete!


Watch the official Madden NFL 21 Cover Reveal Trailer ft Lil Wayne



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